Welcome to the New Poco Bueno Website!

As the family-run Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament approaches our 50thanniversary, the family felt it was time for a change, the first of which is our website! Those who have looked through the whole site may have noticed something new: the Philanthropy page. We have converted the Port O’Connor Offshore Association, the company that owns the Tournament, into a 501(c)(3) with the intention of building a lasting legacy with our next 50 years.

Don’t worry, the Tournament you know and love will still be there, same as always! However, there will be some exciting changes coming that will incorporate our founder and father Walter Fondren III’s vision and lifelong dedication. We will be focused on three areas of conservation: Science, Habitat, and Public Policy. See our Philanthropy page for more information and check back here regularly to learn more about our implementation plans!

The countdown to the 49thAnnual Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament has begun! At last year’s weigh-in, we saw 5 blue marlins brought in. We had gorgeous weather, excellent fishing, and one wild storm to close out the weekend! We can’t wait to see what happens this year and its guaranteed to be fun!