Non-Profit Pillars of Poco Bueno

As we approach Poco Bueno’s 50th anniversary in 2019, we take a moment to reflect on the past and to determine the legacy we want to create over the next 50 years of the Tournament. Our founder’s vision and lifelong dedication to preserving our coastal resources and recreational fishing interests is a legacy we will highlight as a part of the future of Poco Bueno.  We have converted Port O’Connor Offshore Association into a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting three basic pillars of science, habitat, and recreational fishing policy.


Poco Bueno will partner with the Harte Research Institute’s Sportfish Center to develop an unprecedented tagging program of both pelagic and inshore species. With the help and support of corporate sponsorships and private funding, we will create an app for real time tracking of tagged species that will be available to the public. The tagging will take place during the Tournament and, with the help of our offshore teams, we will be able to tag 25-30 billfish throughout the season. Our long-term goal is to have over 100 billfish and 200 trout or redfish tracked at any given time. Additionally, other pelagic species such as tuna, dolphin, or wahoo could also be tagged. Each fish that is tagged will be named after the team that deployed the tag. 


Poco Bueno will work with the Coastal Conservation Association’s Building Conservation Trust to develop a comprehensive near-shore reefing program that will establish oyster reefs and near-shore open ocean reefs along the Texas coast.


Poco Bueno will partner with the Center for Sportfishing Policy to support advocacy for saltwater recreational fishing and boating.